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Kerala Tour Packages

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Coconut Palm lined coasts, Beachfront restaurants, rustic and worn-out brown bungalows, high red-bricked walls and a pleasant aroma of the sea….Kerala is bucolic beauty in all forms. With a subtle hint of coconutgently hitting your senses along with an overwhelming feeling of tranquility and serenity; Kerala is the best place to spend your vacation.
Varied ranges of alluring plantations of green, expansive bodies of clear blue water, sparkling rhinestones shimmering on the top and spreading throughout like glass along with exotic wildlife that seek motherhood in this land of mystique, our alluring South is truly blessed by the Gods. Kerala, famous for its extensive vintage houses and brick lined buildings, has always been an eye candy for the people. Besides, it is a soothing vacation for the raging vintage fanatic in you. Come on; pack your bags and treat yourself to the most beguiling parts of Kerala.
As soon as you enter our beautiful state, your heart will be filled with an overwhelming sense of warmth and love, which radiate from the beaming faces of our residents, shop keepers and, of course, chaaichetta. Armed with a generous transparent glass brimming with an elixir of a potion; our beloved Sulaimaani is sold in every part of Kerala. Roughly pushing aside any non Keralite who selfishly takes credit for Sulaimani, people hailing from Kerala are actually the happy bystanders of this wondrous potion. Sulaimani is a warm liquid made of our usual tea, except subtract milk and add a dash of palm jaggery. But here is a secret ingredient for you, add a dollop of dates syrup instead of sugar.
Indulge your senses with scrumptiously finger licking delicacies such as minced chicken with a string whiff of fresh coriander leaves and coconut, sliced fish pieces fried with wine or freshly cut herbs sautéed in mustard, chipotle, red chili and so on. White grain like rice, made soft in the traditional cooker, is served with ounces of coconut “kozhambu”; and if you are lucky, you get to taste their famous “idiyappam and meen”, which is basically bundled up stringy noodles made of rice with salty fish; stir fried or cooked in a pan with various sauces.
There are a million things that you can do in Kerala; so many that it is rather difficult to fit in a single blog. First of all; there is one primary thing about Kerala. And you will understand only if you allow your feet to immerse in the sands of Kerala. We will let you in on this one; once you visit Kerala; your life changes forever. The footprints you leave in Kerala might disappear, but those our friendly residents leave in your heart will remain forever. And so will the memories and moments you create.
Moving on, allow your senses some space because they are going to be hit with an overwhelming sense of inexplicable peace; something that they might not have sensed or felt in any other part of the world. In Kerala; you will find tiny cities sprinkled and spread throughout our beautiful state; like rainbow crunchies on a melting cone of chocolate ice cream. Munnar, Thekkady, Alleppey, Varkala, Wayanad, Trivandrum, Cochin are some of the famous cities in Kerala which people are most likely to visit.
Snugly cradled in the midst of backwaters of sparkling clear water filled with lotuses, or small tea shops lined in the roadside with accommodating and smiling chettas fluent in various languages such as Malayalam and Tamil; Kerala is sure to impress any person be it someone who wants to enjoy pastoral lifestyle or someone who just wants to put their feet up and unwind in the atmosphere of beaches and gorges.
Lush carpets flung with greenery, rocks of mountains covered with tea plantations, and acres of wild forests filled with wild life, valleys, endless trekking and mountains are some of the memories that bounce in mind when you hear about best places to visit in Kerala. With a view that acts as a muse for the poet in you, and the picturesque feeling which inspires painters and photographers with various lakes and verdant tea gardens, Kerala has lot of places that are truly a must visit!
There are some “do not miss!” in Kerala. Such an extent of haunting your dreams, these significant mentions are something that are truly wondrous!
Ensure that you get a glimpse of the city with its masses hustling and bustling around, auto drivers magnanimously welcoming you to a tour around the city.
For example, when in Kerala, get your hands on our delicious home-made chocolates, and make sure that you eat our sumptuously golden yellow banana chips. Kerala, situated in an agrarian nation such as India, is well known for its spices and masala. The absolutely delightful climate and the rich agricultural soil in Kerala makes it hospitable to grow wide varieties of spices that India takes pride in producing. Experience paradise in enchanting Kerala and get a taste of heaven on earth.In this Kerala tour, treat yourself to the most enthralling parts of Kerala and lose yourself to nature, for you will be left asking for more. Besides treating your eyes, it is time to treat your taste buds! Kerala, famously known for delicious food, hosts all varieties which cater to vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. The typical food in Kerala, the classic Pazhampuri or Puttu with kadala curry, are scrumptious with taste and makes one salivate!
Besides all this, Kerala hosts charming waterfalls. Ice cold water, falling from within rocks and carrying along with astonishingly unbelievable herbal properties and leaves, softly fall on your skin thus making you feel alive with an outpour of piercing freshness. This waterfall is said to have various medical properties and it is also said to soothe the rampage that a hectic life creates for you!
So still wondering where to go for this vacation? Probably not. Read more to check the various packages for “Enchanting Kerala, God’s own Country”..