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Things to do in Kerala

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Kerala, a state in South India on the Malabar Coast – indeed God’s own country it is. Formed on the first of November, 1956 with the States Reorganizing Act that combined Malayam- speaking regions together, Kerala has seen untold progress since then, recording the best literacy rates in the entire country and earning the title of being one of the most beautiful states in India. Kerala Tourism has taken a shape of its own and done much to make the countrymen aware about the beauty and appeal of the state.

Things to do in Kerala:
Kerala is a state proving diverse Kerala family tour options and provides a lot to satisfy our senses.

  • Beach in Kerala: One will have to visit the beaches in Kerala which are one of the very best in the country. Tourists visiting the state are often overwhelmed by the beauty of the beaches and they provide the very best of tropical flora and fauna. Some of the most well known beaches are Bekal beach in Kerala, Beypore and Kappad in Kozhikode, Chavvakad in Thrissur, Cherai in Kochi, Chowara in Kovalam, Kanwatheertha and Kappil in Kasaragod, Kizhunna in Kannur, Muzhappilangad beach in kerala and Kolavi Palam in Payyoli along with the extensive Kollam Beach and Varkala Beach which is characterized by red laterite cliffs. Most of these beaches have their own retreats with various resorts and guest houses dotting the line where the tourists can enjoy exclusive services.image-1 Things to do in Kerala
  • Backwater in Kerala: The Kerala backwaters are highlighted extensively in the Kerala Tourism Advertisements, and are perhaps the biggest draws for the tourists coming to this state. Resorts and ayurvedic retreats, along with yoga centers and holistic living facilities have grown around these backwaters and they now have a global recognition. Kerala promotes ecotourism, and the backwaters provide ample opportunities to enjoy complete relaxation in the beauty of nature. Alappuzha is a prominent choice and one can choose from the Alappuzha Canal Cruise and the Alappuzha Kochi Cruise. Then there is Alamkadavu in Kollam, Kavvayi in Payyanur and the backwater stretches of Ashtamundi. The Chandragiri Fort and River is a perfect mix of history and visual delight. One can also take a day trip to Chithari, a small tropical island nestled in the backwaters or take a boating trip from Kadambrayar Boating Center. Kumarakom is especially popular among the foreign tourists because of the exclusive facilities and one can also visit Kumbalangi and avail backwater tours around Kuttanad.

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  • House Boating in Kerala: While some have heard about the houseboats in Kashmir, the houseboating in Kerala provide a whole new experience and one that makes tourists come back again and again for the experience. The history of the houseboats are themselves fascinating enough as who would have thought that this currently popular mode of stay and transport was near extinction at one point of time? The luxury houseboats in Kerala today are in fact reworked versions of Kettuvalam, large boats that were used to transport rice and spices throughout the state. A standard kettuvalam could hold up to 30 tons of rice and tow it from Kuttanad to the Kochi Port. However, as time evolved and roadways became smoother and transportation faster, the boats lost their commercial appeal. These boats were otherwise very strong, and more than a hundred years old in some cases and some found new ways of keeping them, by adding additional rooms and using them for accommodating travelers instead, trading through the backwaters. Finally, the idea caught on and today Alappuzha alone has more than 500 house boats treading the backwaters here with hundreds of others around the state.

house-boat-in-kerala-1-300x190 Things to do in Kerala

  • Wildlife in Kerala: About 24% of Kerala is forested and it is home to some of the biggest wildlife reserves in the state. There are quite a few wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala and some of the most prominent ones are Begur Wildlife Sanctuary in Wayanad, Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Choolannur Pea Fowl Sanctuary, Eravikulam National Park, Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary and a lot many others. Between them, the flora and fauna of Kerala is preserved in all its glory and the state is one of the biggest repositories of medicinal plants. Wildlife national park in Kerala consists of Bengal tigers, leopards, grizzled giant squirrels, Nilgiri tahr, mugger crocodile, viper, python, king cobra and more, along with a varied number of birds. Kerala also has the largest number of domesticated elephants which are used as a part of festivities and processions round the year and also used as a part of safaris.

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  • Ayurveda in Kerala: Kerala is perhaps the only place in the world where Ayurveda is a part of everyday life. The mode of therapy had developed in India some 5000 years ago and ayurveda in Kerala has managed to hold its own against the onslaught of allopathic medicine as the system of healing depends on the diagnosis and perfect balance of the body’s humours- vata, pitta and kapha. For as long as anyone can remember, Kerala has been served by the families of the eight great Vaidyas or the Ashta Vaidyas and their teachings have been handed down from generations. Kerala has colleges dedicated solely to the study of importance of ayurveda in Kerala and it is way of life here where ancient knowledge has now merged with modern thinking and research.

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  • Waterfalls in Kerala: Kerala is home to some of the most breathtaking waterfalls in the country. They are one of the major tourist attractions and not just the falls but the surrounding landscape too provides breathtaking features. Some of the most notable ones are Adayanpara in Mallapuram, Arippara in Kozhikode, Aruvikkuzhi in Kottayam, Attukad in Munnar, Kanthanpara in Wayanad and many more which dot the states at various points. These waterfalls in Kerala have been instrumental in shaping the terrain of the state over the past thousands of years and still today, they do not fail to mesmerize with their beauty and great strength.

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  • Festivals in Kerala: The culture of Kerala is a mix of Aryan and Dravidian cultures and the various festivals reflect the spirit of both the ancestries. The Malayalam Calendar is the basis on which the festivities and rituals are planned and if the minor and local celebrations are taken into account, more than 10,000 celebrations are held in the state each year. The most important of them is of course, Onam festival in Kerala, the harvest festival and it is also the state festival of Kerala with there being at least 4 days of holiday. The other celebrations are mostly temple festivities, often known as Poorams and it usually involves taking the deity of the temple out for a procession around the city on the back of a richly decorated elephant and the procession is a no- holds bar show of lavishness in praise of the gods. After the deity is brought back to the home temple the devotees usually offer flowers, coconuts and rice as a part of the rituals before the idol is immersed in the holy water. Many such Poorams are held frequently at various times of the year like the Vishnu festival in Kerala.

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Kerala Tour Packages

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kerala holiday experience

Kerala Holiday Experience

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So, it is that time of the year, where you are all set to embark on a happy to go trip to the God’s own country- Kerala for an awesome and refreshing experience! Not alone that, your mind is so cheerful that, it starts to visualize the beautiful lush gardens, amazing backwater ride, mind blowing house boat rides and other things which will make your trip more meaningful and enjoyable! But on the other hand, did you realize that Kerala has also got a lot of things and activities which every tourist should do for added joy and fun?
If not, then read the below descriptions to find out the various activities and things which you can do for a serene and fantastic experience.

The Usual Exploration Guide:
All of us are hooked to this beautiful Indian State Kerala! No matter what the climate is, the destination remains a perfect escapade for a dream holiday kerala holiday experience! So, if you are on the outlook for the regular activities which will enhance your trip, this blog segment is for you! So, get excited to explore the untold side of Kerala!

Things you can do:

Go on a sightseeing tour to Cochin: Cochin is one such destination in Kerala that is not enveloped by beautiful spots but also raised to glory through the busy and bustling streets! Not alone that, Traders from all over the world came here and their grand mansions, churches, synagogues and mosques line the streets of old Fort Cochin to this day. Interspersed are lively shops, galleries and cafés, it makes the bustling old city a delightful place kerala holiday experience to wander.
Additionally, you can also visit Kerala Packages

  • The beaches
  • Fragmented Small piece island

Dutch Palace, where murals cover much of the walls, depicting scenes from the epic stories of the Ramayana and Mahabharatha.

The Backwater Ride: No trip to Kerala is complete without visiting the alluring backwaters! Right from Alleppy to Kumarakoam, all the destinations in kerala holiday experience have amazing backwater experience which can completely enchant and enamor you in every way! You can either choose a full day houseboat cruise or three day long houseboat cruise which will help you in getting a complete and clear picture of this beautiful Indian State!

kumarakom-backwaters-min Kerala Holiday Experience

You can choose the following routes
Most trips begin in Alleppey, about an hour south of Cochin, and you can choose to spend just an afternoon on the boat, but you’ll get a better insight into the area by staying overnight.

The route from Kumarakoam to Cochin is the most fascinating one and you will get to explore the lush lands and the surrounding paddy areas for a refreshing feel.

Bekal, Nedumudy and Thiruvanatahpuram are also great routes to explore. You will get to witness the real meaning of why Kerala is called as God’s Own Country!

Chill out in Beach: Beaches in Kerala are something that can be never compared with anything! Be it sea shore, waves or even the beautiful landscape, everything has its own appeal! Needless to say, every beach in kerala holiday experience marks its own specality! So, if you want to play you have the Bekal beach or if you want to spend time with the better half of your life there is the amazing Kovalam beach for added fun and exploration! All beach spots are glorious in every way!

What you can do in the beaches?
Try sipping the tender coconut water which is so tasty and at the same time refreshing! They are the real specality indicators of Kerala!
Go in for a game of ball catch! Playing in the Kerala beach sands can be so luxurious and pampering for your feet

You can also sit back and enjoy the surroundings which will help you in distinguishing what peace and serenity is all about?

The Kerala Sadhaya: Food in Kerala is something that can appease any taste buds! Be it the fresh / crispy fish or the typical Sadhaya meals, Kerala cuisine is something that can be never missed! Apart from tourism and natural landscape what sets kerala holiday experience apart is its food preparation and rich natural ingredients which can never be found in any tourist spot! Right from home stay villas to that of houseboat stays, every destination has its own flavor to get mesmerized with!

Dishes that everyone should try:
Coconut is a central ingredient and when it is combined with fish ,huge tiger prawns and other seafood it becomes the perfect meal for an awesome taste satisfaction.
You can also look forward for marinated fish wrapped in a banana leaf and cooked on a grill.
Another meal that you can opt for is the traditional meals which are served on a banana leaf and made up of a series of little dishes – possibly up to 20 for a special occasion

maxresdefault-2 Kerala Holiday Experience

For a new found feel!
Well! On the other hand, if you are looking for an awesome feel of Kerala where you not only get to explore this Indian State and at the same time get to do unique experience, then this blog segment is for you! Kerala is also a home for a lot of adventure doers, travel enthusiasts and other curious people who wish to see the hidden beauty of this destination!

Things you can do:

The Tree House Stay: This must be possibly the best thing that everyone should do! Nestled in the beautiful landscapes and amazing greenery, house stay is possibly the best way to close to the nature and at the same time to go on an exploration and adventure spree! Besides that, it is also the best way to hear the chirping sounds of birds, dazzling calls of the wild animals and most importantly the ideal way to explore the lush gardens of Kerala.

1759958_orig Kerala Holiday Experience

What you can do in a tree house stay?
You can go in for rock climbing, trekking and other adventure games.Get to see the dawn and dusk Spot the animals and birds.

Wildlife Call: For the most fascinating experience of wildlife, then forest exploration should be on the top most lists of places you are visiting in kerala holiday experience. Kochi, Thekkady, Trivandrum are some destinations which is famous for its diverse forest cover, fauna, mammals and aquatic life. For added exploration, you can also combine this with an overnight camp in a tent, nature walks, jungle safari, animal ride or even opt for a tree house for a chilling experience!

kerala-2-1430286579 Kerala Holiday Experience

The Wildlife exploration Guide:
The Periyar jungle ride covers the views of the lovely Iddukki town, Mullaperiyar Dam, the lush green vegetable farms, the sprawling vineyards and if you are lucky the endangered lion tailed macaque.
You can even go on a forest trekking to have an amazing view of Kerala and it associated surroundings
Nature trails, animal/ bird spotting are also other great ways to have a whole new view of Kerala wildlife!

The Biking Trip: If you want to explore the other side of Kerala, then you should go on a biking trip where you will actually get to travel through the dense forests, lush gardens and breathtaking mountains which will completely give you the much needed break from the routine life! What’s more is that, you can also get close to the nature for an awesome and wonderful feeling!

How the biking trip would be?
The winding roads up and down the hills are a pleasure, best experienced on two wheels. From Kottayam you can take three routes to many places in Idukki. One of the best is the route via Pala (Kottayam-Pala-Thodupuzha-Kulamavu) to see the marvellous Idukki Arach Dam.
Biking Trip routes are not only safe but at the same lush and pretty which will make any bike adventurists wanting for more!
As you travel in the forests, you will be getting to witness some of the rare and exotic species which will make your trip more meaningful!

Home Stay Experience: Home stay in Kerala is something that every tourist should opt for! As the very name indicates it is one of a kind experience which will not only make your trip meaningful and special, but would help in exploring the hospitality and rich cultural and ethnic tradition which the Keralities often tend to associate themselves with!

Why Home Stay?
If you want to experience traditional and authentic food cusines
When peace and serenity is what you need
If getting close to the nature is the one and only thing on your mind!

Apart from the above mentioned things, you can also do the following which will maximize your trip and stay in Kerala:

Things that everyone should try:

1. Watch a Kathakali performance – and be mesmerized
Kathakali, Kerala’s soul, is a beautiful dance form in which dancers decked up in colorful costumes tell you enchanting stories of the land with nothing but their expressions and postures. Watch a kathakali performance in Kerala, which usually takes place at night, and be enthralled by stories of passion, lust, and power. This centuries old dance form is believed to have originated from a rivalry between two kings of the region.

kerala-kathali-dance Kerala Holiday Experience

2. Visit the Iringal Crafts Village – for a cultural experience
Located near Kozhikode, on the banks of River Chaliyar is Iringal Crafts Village. The village is spread across 20 acres of land, where local artisans and craftsmen are encouraged to show their skills and sell their products to visiting tourists. You can pick up some beautiful works of art here made from coir, banana fibre, bamboo, coconut shells and other local materials found in abundance in Kerala. But it does not end at that. If you are curious about art yourself, you can attend art workshops here and learn to make a few art pieces yourself.

3. Watch a Kalaripayattu Bout– An exciting experience
Kalaripayattu is a form of martial arts which originated in Kerala. It is believed to be more than 3000 years old. Shaolin, the Chinese form of martial arts, is believed to have originated from Kalaripayattu too. Much like other martial arts forms, this art form too was taught in isolation in ancient times. The art form lost much of its significance in modern times. However, it is slowly making a comeback in the form of dances and fitness routines. There are about 500 schools in Kerala which train people in this magnificent form of martial arts. When in Kerala, watch a Kalaripayattu bout. You will be mesmerized by the forms and athletic moves of the fighters.

kerala-faq Kerala Holiday Experience

4. Explore sandalwood forests at Marayoor– Nature’s delight
Situated 40 km from Munnar, in Idukki district, is Marayoor, or Marayur. It is famous for its natural sandalwood forests, and its rock paintings which date back to pre-historic era. There are caves to be explored and a children’s park as well for some fun and frolic. Get down at Ernakulam station and take a taxi to Marayoor for a different kind of Kerala experience.

Sandalwood-forests-in-Marayoor Kerala Holiday Experience

5. Take an elephant ride– and feel like a king
Just like Rajasthan, kerala is known for its procession of elephants decked up in beautiful colors. But even more exciting than that is a ride atop one of the elephants in Kerala. You can explore the countryside with an elephant ride by the banks of Bharathapuzha River, you can ride deep into forests for an exciting wildlife safari, or you can choose to explore the many plantations of Kerala atop an elephant- there are quite a few choices to choose from.

IMG_2727-1 Kerala Holiday Experience

6. Watch a Theyyam performance– A beautiful form of art
Theyyam is a form of God, a corrupt one at that, as believed by the people of Kerala. A Theyyam performance involves invoking the God and seeking His blessings. It is a popular art form of Malabar, which also stands for equality between the lower and upper castes of Hindus. It is an open-theatre like performance in which a lot of hymns and praises are sung, and like other art forms of Kerala, this one too involves some colorful costumes and beautiful dance postures.

7. Bamboo rafting in Periyar- For an adventurous experience
Periyar wildlife sanctuary is one of the most popular forests reserves of Kerala. You could either take a jungle safari through the reserve or take a bamboo rafting ride in Periyar Lake. Bamboo rafting in Periyar lasts for about 3-4 hours and takes you through the many delights of the wildlife sanctuary. You get to explore the flora and fauna of the region, and indulge in a bit of hiking as well. If you keep close to the banks of the lake, you have a good chance of spotting tigers, elephants and other majestic animals of the wild.

Periyar_National_Park_01 Kerala Holiday Experience

8. Ayurveda Massage– A heavenly bliss
Ayurveda in kerala holiday experienceis akin to gambling in Las Vegas, you just cannot miss it when visiting the destination. Ayurveda resorts dot the landscape of Kerala, offering various forms of natural treatment and rejuvenation. Take a break and get an Ayurveda massage from the experts when in Kerala. The experience is nothing short of divinity.

Making-a-dough-Tank-for-Netra-Vasti Kerala Holiday Experience

9. Go fishing with Chinese fish nets– A different kind of tourist attraction
You may have tried angling in beautiful lakes, idling on a sunny afternoon. However, fishing with Chinese fish nets is a completely different experience. Visit Kochi and try fishing with these huge installations. Chinese fish nets are believed to have been introduced to Kochi by a Chinese ruler. They form an important part of the livelihood kerala holiday experience of people of Kochi, and make for a great tourist attraction as well.

Chinese-Fishing-Nets1-kochi Kerala Holiday Experience

10. Cheer a snake boat race– It is better than a cricket match!
Every year, in the months of August and September, the calm backwaters of Kerala come alive with the energy and enthusiasm of snake boat races. Thousands throng the backwaters to cheer their favorite team on to the finish line. The 130 feet long snake boats are packed with hundred rowers each, who row in unison at frantic speeds. Visit Kerala during the months of August and September, and pick your favorite team to cheer. Champakulam and Jawahar Thayangari are two of the most popular teams in the snake boat races of Kerala.

alleppey-snake-boat-11 Kerala Holiday Experience


Kerala Tour Packages

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Coconut Palm lined coasts, Beachfront restaurants, rustic and worn-out brown bungalows, high red-bricked walls and a pleasant aroma of the sea….Kerala is bucolic beauty in all forms. With a subtle hint of coconutgently hitting your senses along with an overwhelming feeling of tranquility and serenity; Kerala is the best place to spend your vacation.
Varied ranges of alluring plantations of green, expansive bodies of clear blue water, sparkling rhinestones shimmering on the top and spreading throughout like glass along with exotic wildlife that seek motherhood in this land of mystique, our alluring South is truly blessed by the Gods. Kerala, famous for its extensive vintage houses and brick lined buildings, has always been an eye candy for the people. Besides, it is a soothing vacation for the raging vintage fanatic in you. Come on; pack your bags and treat yourself to the most beguiling parts of Kerala.
As soon as you enter our beautiful state, your heart will be filled with an overwhelming sense of warmth and love, which radiate from the beaming faces of our residents, shop keepers and, of course, chaaichetta. Armed with a generous transparent glass brimming with an elixir of a potion; our beloved Sulaimaani is sold in every part of Kerala. Roughly pushing aside any non Keralite who selfishly takes credit for Sulaimani, people hailing from Kerala are actually the happy bystanders of this wondrous potion. Sulaimani is a warm liquid made of our usual tea, except subtract milk and add a dash of palm jaggery. But here is a secret ingredient for you, add a dollop of dates syrup instead of sugar.
Indulge your senses with scrumptiously finger licking delicacies such as minced chicken with a string whiff of fresh coriander leaves and coconut, sliced fish pieces fried with wine or freshly cut herbs sautéed in mustard, chipotle, red chili and so on. White grain like rice, made soft in the traditional cooker, is served with ounces of coconut “kozhambu”; and if you are lucky, you get to taste their famous “idiyappam and meen”, which is basically bundled up stringy noodles made of rice with salty fish; stir fried or cooked in a pan with various sauces.
There are a million things that you can do in Kerala; so many that it is rather difficult to fit in a single blog. First of all; there is one primary thing about Kerala. And you will understand only if you allow your feet to immerse in the sands of Kerala. We will let you in on this one; once you visit Kerala; your life changes forever. The footprints you leave in Kerala might disappear, but those our friendly residents leave in your heart will remain forever. And so will the memories and moments you create.
Moving on, allow your senses some space because they are going to be hit with an overwhelming sense of inexplicable peace; something that they might not have sensed or felt in any other part of the world. In Kerala; you will find tiny cities sprinkled and spread throughout our beautiful state; like rainbow crunchies on a melting cone of chocolate ice cream. Munnar, Thekkady, Alleppey, Varkala, Wayanad, Trivandrum, Cochin are some of the famous cities in Kerala which people are most likely to visit.
Snugly cradled in the midst of backwaters of sparkling clear water filled with lotuses, or small tea shops lined in the roadside with accommodating and smiling chettas fluent in various languages such as Malayalam and Tamil; Kerala is sure to impress any person be it someone who wants to enjoy pastoral lifestyle or someone who just wants to put their feet up and unwind in the atmosphere of beaches and gorges.
Lush carpets flung with greenery, rocks of mountains covered with tea plantations, and acres of wild forests filled with wild life, valleys, endless trekking and mountains are some of the memories that bounce in mind when you hear about best places to visit in Kerala. With a view that acts as a muse for the poet in you, and the picturesque feeling which inspires painters and photographers with various lakes and verdant tea gardens, Kerala has lot of places that are truly a must visit!
There are some “do not miss!” in Kerala. Such an extent of haunting your dreams, these significant mentions are something that are truly wondrous!
Ensure that you get a glimpse of the city with its masses hustling and bustling around, auto drivers magnanimously welcoming you to a tour around the city.
For example, when in Kerala, get your hands on our delicious home-made chocolates, and make sure that you eat our sumptuously golden yellow banana chips. Kerala, situated in an agrarian nation such as India, is well known for its spices and masala. The absolutely delightful climate and the rich agricultural soil in Kerala makes it hospitable to grow wide varieties of spices that India takes pride in producing. Experience paradise in enchanting Kerala and get a taste of heaven on earth.In this Kerala tour, treat yourself to the most enthralling parts of Kerala and lose yourself to nature, for you will be left asking for more. Besides treating your eyes, it is time to treat your taste buds! Kerala, famously known for delicious food, hosts all varieties which cater to vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. The typical food in Kerala, the classic Pazhampuri or Puttu with kadala curry, are scrumptious with taste and makes one salivate!
Besides all this, Kerala hosts charming waterfalls. Ice cold water, falling from within rocks and carrying along with astonishingly unbelievable herbal properties and leaves, softly fall on your skin thus making you feel alive with an outpour of piercing freshness. This waterfall is said to have various medical properties and it is also said to soothe the rampage that a hectic life creates for you!
So still wondering where to go for this vacation? Probably not. Read more to check the various packages for “Enchanting Kerala, God’s own Country”..