Tamilnadu Tour Packages

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For those in pursuit of true serenity, culture, art, tradition, nature and scenic beauty, Tamil Nadu is a complete tour package, and the most ideal destination to surrender oneself to, this vacation season. Beautifully placed in the south eastern section on the Indian Peninsula, lined by the daunting, yet magnificent Bay of Bengal, Tamil Nadu is the pride of South India and also the most popular tourist spot in India. Greeted by the friendly, warm smiles of its fellow people who welcome anybody stepping on the Tamil Nadu soil with a sense of love and brotherhood, this wonderful state is nothing short of home to anybody seeking the same. A destination might have the scenery, architecture and everything that is required to attract tourists towards it. But, the magic that our Tamil Nadu possesses along with its tourist attractions is the love and a sense of belonging that truly steals the hearts of all.

To describe the unparalleled beauty of Tamil Nadu would be quite a difficult task, for it is not just the abundance that would curtail such an explanation, but the fact that words might be insufficient to actually define in accuracy the brimming beauty of the state. Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu is a spectacle of its own. Have you ever taken a walk in the wet sands of the Marina beach making identical footprints in the sand, the cool air slapping your cheeks softly, listening to kids scream as they go round the carousel, the fresh aroma of molagabajjis luring you, and just peacefully contemplating life? If you haven’t, you should.

The Marina is not just like any other beach in the world. There is something to that breeze, carrying the whispers of the sea and the voices of those who enjoy it; that will transport you to your own world of tranquility. Just go to the Marina, close your eyes and simply lose yourself to nature. Then, you will know what we are talking about. Bordered by the sea, Marina beach is the longest beach in the world. Chennai alone is known for its crystal waters stretching as far the horizon and golden sands that together create pure magic. Chennai also prides itself of being a hub for culture and history. Known as the Madras Presidency during the time of the British Raj, Chennai still hold buildings and pieces of pure artistry build even before the independence. With the Central Railway Station, Rippon Building, the lighthouse, the Egmore Museum, Kapaleeshwar Temple, Velankanni Church, Mahabalipuram architecture, the Elliots Beach, ValluvarKottam landmark, Thalankuppam Pier and the list going on, Chennai is called ‘Namma Chennai’ for an unexplainable reason. Experience it to understand it.

Being a neighbour to the sea, one might think Tamil Nadu is often a victim of the warm currents resulting in a moderate temperature across the state. But, Tamil Nadu holds much pride in its hill stations. Ooty and Kodaikanal, being the most popular, along with other smaller areas such as Yelagiri, Yercaud, and Coonoor among others, Tamil Nadu houses long, expansive wilderness with exotic animals and plants seeking motherhood in this land of grandeur. Although each of these places have their own significance and individual charm, you will find a common feeling of paradise as you traverse through these hill stations, exploring the beguiling wilderness in all of its beauty, covered in swathe blankets of green and slowly dipping temperature causing tufts of chilly air to emerge will you speak.

Tamil Nadu’s majestic mountains will leave your daunted, taking your breath away. Here, treat not just your eyes, but also your craving tongue. In the sprawling plantations of these hill stations feast your salivating mouth with juicy strawberries and blood red cherries while also, basking your senses in the aroma and the flavourful taste of freshly ground tea and coffee. If you are courageous enough, get a glimpse of nature’s enthralling elegance from a height while parasailing. Pack your sweaters, scarves and mufflers and get ready for an adventurous expedition to the hill stations of Tamil Nadu.

Certainly nature has gifted our Tamil Nadu with much splendour. But, Tamil Nadu has also been embellished with architecture to enhance nature’s gift thus making the state nothing short of perfection. One of the oldest destinations in the country, having housed ancient civilizations like the Cholas, Pallavas and the Pandyas, Tamil Nadu today, is ornamented with centuries’ old temples and pieces of architecture with much historical significance. The KancheepuramEkambareshwar Temple, Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple, TanjavurAiravatheshwar Temple, Vellore golden temple, GangaikondaCholapuram, St. Xavier’s Church, St. Therese of Infant Jesus Chuch, and Hazrat Peer Mohammed waliyullahDargah among other are iconic pieces of heritage in Tamil Nadu that speaks for its cultural beauty. Chidambaram, Kumbakonam, Kancheepuram, Erwadi, Rameshwaram, and Pazhani are locations that brim with artistry and cultural magnificence that will never cease to amaze the beholder of such beauty.

The sunrise and the sunset in Tamil Nadu itself must receive significant acknowledgement. Emphasized over and over again, yet inadequate, the majestic lining of the Bay of Bengal, the sunrise and sunset in Tamil Nadu is truly a spectacle that one could die for. Cape Comrin, fondly known as Kanyakumari, is the lowermost point of the country and is popularly known for the picturesque view of the sunrise and the sunset. Akin to a painting, the orange glow of the sun spreading seamlessly as it sets or rises from the horizon will calm your senses and give you a dose of true paradise. The Marina beach, Elliots beach, Mahabalipuram, Rameshwaram among others, will offer you a similarly beautiful view of the sun’s arrival and departure.

Tamil Nadu’s alluring traits can be spoken about over and over again without track of time. But words can only do so much justice to truly describe its enchantment. So, get ready pack your bags, eat a fulfilling plate of idli sambar with one otavadai and traverse through Tamil Nadu, for you will never regret it.