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Golden Triangle – Delhi, Agra and Jaipur Tour Packages

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India’s golden triangle is a tourist circuit which connects the national capital Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.India, the golden bird of prehistoric times, is one of the most hunted destination in the world offering mind-boggling and inconceivable holiday experience. This incredibly exquisite country encompasses several spectacular destinations that are capable of making your holidays mesmerizing to the hilt. But if you want to sneak peek of the wonderful picture that our medieval India paints, then Golden Triangle tour is undoubtedly your best bet.This holiday season, unwind yourself and go on a trip that gives you a dose of culture, tradition, and serenity. Treat your senses to the breathtaking Golden Triangle, as Delhi, Agra and Jaipur are so fondly attributed, rich in its culture, heritage and history. Walk through the lives of our Mughal Emperors visiting their royal abodes, sanctums and tombs. With stunning beaches, a rich culture, ancient heritage buildings and majestic temples, these cities are enthralling to visit.
The saying ‘Heaven on Earth’ sounds a bit of a cliché, or if not a cliché, then definitely exaggerated. The silly romanticism of a habitable part of our planet being suggestive of the perfectness that mankind often dreams about, which is collectively called heaven, is sometimes functional when it comes to specific stunning places in this world.
The Golden triangle is such. It holds all ingredients needed for the perfect vacation because it comprises of different forms of art- both vintage and modern, Indian, Mughal and modern architecture, blissful beaches which are claimants of being serene and tranquil, and scrumptious lips smacking food!
Delhi, Agra and Jaipur are historical cities with rich heritage and have a number of very popular tourist spots. The golden triangle tour tightly holds the crux of the cities, without holding back the true spirit and essence of each of the cities. Our itinerary, possessing not just the visits to monuments and temples, also keeps in account of the vintage part of the cities, as well as indulging in the quintessence feel of the cities. Our trip will be like eating a mixed golgappade, everything is a highlight.
Days filled with bliss and happiness, with softly lashing trees in the background and cold blue water rippling in the front, and speckles of golden sand prickling our feet; or the soothing welcome of the Capital’s warm air hitting across our faces; instantly putting you to ease..ah, this package is wondrous!When we talk about exploring different parts of India, North India is one part which always mastered of bringing in the new and trendy without pushing aside the old school beauty. This is why the North has garnered a lot of visitors all-round the globe. You can always find that rush in the major cities such as Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur.
A worthy point to note is that currently, India is in the midst ofa constantly, ever-increasing number of travelers who come to understand the Indian culture. And how better to indulge a wandering soul with culture and tradition than visiting the Golden triangle which is the unique blend of tradition, culture and essence of travel which is so effortlessly brewed. Also, these cities are another way of quick traveling to beautiful places, as there are millions of short cuts along the way, and not to mention a few hidden cities where you can always be assured of finding a soothing sense of tranquility and serenity.
These unknown and abandoned beauties such as FatehpurSikri and the quiet and steady Ranthambore, are the unraveled treasures of these trips! There are a very few places that enchant you, and leave you completely spell bound. FatehpurSikri is one such place, which is awe-inspiring and enthralls a person by feeling completely immersed in the place’s atmosphere, beauty, and spirit. FatehpurSikri is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a popular tourist destination in India.
The route between Delhi, Agra and Jaipur has, for many years, been a veritable ‘India 101’ – an introduction to those on tighter travel schedules.
Delhi is infatuated with strong history, culture, tradition, this deep brewed sense of politics and pride amongst the people , as well as artistically rustic farmhouses set among breathtaking monuments and famous buildings. Dilli is known for its delicious food. So when you are in Delhi, push aside all your diet plans and gorge on sinfully amazing food. Being the food hub of North India, the bhelpuri that is available in the tiny kiosks in every nook and corner of Delhi are to die for. Also, eye-wateringly piquant and zesty dahibhalla (which is basically a spiced yogurt snack) from the best street food corners in the city that are usually slightly smaller than a kiosk are a must try.
Agra, with so many of the world’s most beautiful museums and monuments, prides on the state of their being. The beauties of Agra remain unscathed by the repulsions and repercussions of rapid development and mass tourism. A wild landscape of well maintained and lush trees, breathtakingly verdant stone carvings, the translucent sea, awaitsin almost every corner of our Agra. It is a commonly known fact that TajMahal, one of the wonder’s in the world, is the most famous and popular place to visit in Agra. But did you know that the tangy masala nuts, sinfully buttered parathas, and delicious moon like yellow pedas that they sell outside are a must eat?
Strewn with delicacies, and floating tongues of ancient languages from people of different cultures; Jaipur is a must visit city in India. Be it crazy elephant rides along with the oncoming traffic, or sucking on to multi coloured rainbow golas, or finding the colour pink beautifully painted across the city; this place is sure rather queen- but wondrously so!
The old paint chipping from slightly broken walls, decorated with faded ornaments, and waiters wearing turbans, swiftly moving from customer to customer over the smell of freshly brewed tea takesus back to the olden days when life was simple yet fascinating. It is almost impossible to find such a serene time nowadays. But this package ensures that you get the best of the golden times!