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TamilNadu HillStation Tour

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Hill Station in Tamilnadu

Ooty, or Uthagamandalam is a prime spot for many newly married honeymoon couples and also family members and friends who enjoy travelling. It is a place to visit any time in the year because it is round the year pleasant climate. Ooty is also an important hub for many botanical gardens, observatories, museums, lakes and many such sight seeing places. Apart from the places to visit, Ooty is also famous for its wide vegetation of fresh fruits and vegetables. Ooty home made chocolates are world famous and have a special flavour to it. There are a lot of tea estates and coffee plantations in Ooty which generally is available through out Nilgiris. We provide you the best South India tour packages under which we can cover the entire Tamilnadu tourist places for you. Moving towards Kodaikanal, it is also regarded as the princess of hill stations in Tamilnadu. It is believed to be in the meeting point of Western Ghats and Eastern ghats. The hill station like Ooty, is world famous for its round the clock pleasant climate, it also receives heavy rainfall since the South West monsoon winds take diversion at the hills. Kodaikanal is famous for its vicinity and reach from various places in Tamilnadu. It is accessible from Coimbatore via Palani and it is also accessible from Madurai via Dindigul. Since it is a tourist places in Tamilnadu near Kerala , many people from Kerala love to visit Kodaikanal. Best Tamilnadu hillstation packages covers sightseeing places like lakes, gardens, observatories, museums, parks and many more natural sight seeing places. There are also plenty of golf courts and clubs in Kodaikanal.

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Tamil Nadu Hill station Tour Packages

Tamilnadu hillstation packages covers one of the best places in Tamilnadu. It is also home for many spices, tea plantations, coffee plantations and estates. Some of the coolest place in Tamilnadu mentioned provide a perfect time for us spend with our family and friends. Apart from Kodaikanal and Ooty, there is a much popular place called Yercuad which is an equally popular hill station sitting in the lap of Nilgiris. It is home for many popular schools and Montessori and convents. It is also a prime attraction for young travellers who prefer bike or car riding. There is a not much popular hill station in Tamilnadu past Kodaikanal, on the way to Kerala from Dindigul. It is a few kilometres from Theni district via a township called Chinnamanur. The small hill station is known as Meghamalai. It is a prominent village hill station providing tea estate and tea plantations job for more than 5000 local people. The hill station is not famous because of the fact that there is no proper road to reach and receives heavy rainfall often. Along with this there are many hills which practically are not for tourists but can be enjoyed by viewing them. There are two pilgrim hill stations in Tamilnadu which is absolutely a trekking journey of 6000 feet and above height. Vellangiri hill in Coimbatore and Sathuragiri hill near Srivilluputur are both famous as Pilgrim hills. The concept behind both the hills is presence of a Shiva temple on the top and pilgrims have to travel a stressful journey up the hill in order to reach the top. It is a spiritual and adventurous journey put together. If you are a person interested in history and archeology, Chenji hill near Thiruvannamalai is an important spot for you.

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Wildlife in Tamil Nadu

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Wildlife in Tamilnadu

Taking about wild life, one must be reminded of just two things, one is the animals already in the land and the animals that come from foreign land. The word animal also signifies birds and other habitat. Talking about birds, Chennai the capital of Tamilnadu has a wide history when it comes to viewing of migrating birds. Vedanthangal is a big marsh land located in the suburb areas of Chennai on the way to Chengalpat and is very famous from different variety of birds travelling from through out the world mainly, Australia and other South East Asian areas. It is an important places to visit during winter between November and March every year and is regarded as winter tourist places in Tamilnadu . It is believed that the migrating birds come to India, specifically Vedanthangal for the humid temperature and to escape extreme cold temperatures in Australia and other Antarctic regions. They come to built nests, lay eggs, wait till they hatch and return back as soon as baby chicks learn to fly. This is therefore the best place for wildlife lovers.

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Apart from birds, Tamilnadu is home for elephants, tigers, lions, leopard, deers, peacocks, snakes and even a wide variety of insects. Chennai is regarded as a hub of animal preservation centre of Tamilnadu. Chennai houses many parks like Guindy Snake Park, Vandaloor Anna Zoological park, Pallikarani Marshland Oceanography office, Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary, The Madras Crocodile Bank and Trust and many more such establishment that dedicates its time for the preservation of wild life and other important species of Tamilnadu. There are plenty of reserved forests through out Tamilnadu which has not been urbanised by the government only because of one reason, that is to preserve the wild life of Tamilnadu. Bigger animals like elephant, lion and leopard are territorial animals and usually prefer to live in a big and wild forest. Therefore it is important for the government to have a lot of forest for them so that they don’t disturb the routine life of city people. Talking about Tamilnadu tourist places hill stations it comes of great importance that there are many hill stations in Tamilnadu which is rich of forests and animals. There is a wide range of rare and extinct species still found in Tamilnadu in many hill stations like Ooty, Kodaikanal, Yercaud and many more places. The hill forest serve as a natural preservation point for these wild life which include wild boars, deers, leopards and elephants.

One can also find a rich variety of insects and reptiles in Tamilnadu. The world famous king cobra is found largely in the belt of Nilgiris and other hills of Tamilnadu. King Cobra is also regarded an important part of Indian Hinduism culture. The strength of sparrow is still good in Tamilnadu despite many of them slowly vanishing away through out the world. It is a strong belief among the scientific community that the availability of honey is reducing globally because of the disappearance of honeybees slowly from the world. The oldest culture of Tamilnadu believed in preservation of honey and methods to handle honeybee so that they are provided with honey round the year. Apart from snakes, crocodiles, honey bee and many other variety of animals. But we must also understand the importance of Flora or plants when we talk about wild life. Tamilnadu is categorised as Tropical Savanna Climate by the International Koppen climate classification and therefore it has a rich variety of deciduous forests with a variety of trees predominantly mango tree, coconut tree, banana tree and other plants which grow well in tropical climates.

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Pilgrims in Tamilnadu

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Pilgrims in Tamilnadu

There are many temples in Tamilnadu which include two prominent gods, that is Shiva and Vishnu. The cult of Shiva and Vishnu is regarded as the oldest system of Tamilnadu much before Mughals and British invaded India. Therefore most of the temples in Tamilnadu are sometimes even 2000 years old like that of Sri Kalahasti temple which is the border of Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh best places to visit in Tamilnadu. Predominantly Hinduism, Tamilnadu is also home for many Christians, Muslims, Jains, Zoroastrian (Saurasthrian) and even Sikh community people. Any trip or journey made exclusive for the purpose of going to a worship place like a temple, church or mosque is regarded as Pilgrim. Tamilnadu hosts a variety of festivals and therefore making it a pilgrim state by default. we provide Best Pilgrims in Tamilnadu plan and book your TamilNadu holiday tour packages with us now.

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The main festivals in Tamilnadu for Hindus include, Pongal, Mahasivaratri, Tamil new year, Ganesh Chaturti, Saraswati and Ayudha Pooja, Deepavali, Skanda Sasti Pooja and many more. Usually all the temples in Tamilnadu are open daily but on special days like festivals they are open for long owing to many visitors.In Chennai there is Mylapore Kabaleeswarar temple, Triplicane Parthasarathy temple, Thiruvottiyur Vadivudai amman temple and many prominent places in Chennai. After which we can find the Kancheepuram Kamakshi amman temple and Ekambareshwarar temple in the temple town of Kancheepuram which has an equal importance in pilgirmage. Going further Tamilnadu is home for Aarupadi veedu of Lord Murugan or Karthikeyan as he is known. The temple’s are six in number in six different places. After Aarupadai veedu there are Pancha bootha sthalam of Lord Shiva which means the five elements of nature are in five different temples.

Tamilnadu is of equal importance when it comes to Christianity. The most famous church includes the St. Thomas Mount church in Chennai which became famous after Doubting Thomas who questioned the resurrection of Jesus from death. Also there are many churches in Chennai which are as old as British and Dutch period. Pondicherry houses many French dominated churches where the olden day rituals are still followed by priests. we also cover christian pilgrimages covers famous Velangani Church of Mary Mother is an important spot for many Christians of Tamilnadu and Kerala. There are many special rituals held in the temple through out the year. The Southern part of Tamilnadu around Tuticorin and Tirunelveli forms a strong christian population on the coastal belt of Tamilnadu.

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Islam-temple Pilgrims in Tamilnadu

Coming towards the mosques in Tamilnadu, we will know that the state has an interesting history in regarded with Islamism also. The much famous Islam temple is located in Nagoor, in the Nagapattinam district. The mosque is revered as an important place among Islam people in Tamilnadu and it has an history which dates back to the period of Shahul Hamid, on which the tomb of Nagoor Darga has been built. Shahul Hamid is revered as an mystic of Islam and has had many natural healing powers which he used to help the people in the locality and even king Achutappa Nayak. There are many festivals held in the Darga and is also home for many pilgrim who depart to Haj travel, the visit to Mecca once in life time. Top Muslim Pilgrims in Tamilnadu covers many popular places through out Tamilnadu.

Jainism and Sikhism also a form a minor yet important part of Tamilnadu. There are many Jains through out Tamilnadu more prominently in Chennai, Sowkarpet where they came as traders from Jodhpur and Pali of Rajasthan. There are a few Teertankar’s of Jains in Tamilnadu which are of great importance for their religious worshipps. Sikhism has also found its way in Tamilnadu and there are a few hand pick important Gurudwara’s in Tamilnadu also. The most popular one is in Gurudwara Sahib in T. Nagar where many people irrespective of their religion come to worship Guru of Sikh, Guru Gobind.

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