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Tamilnadu Tour Packages

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For those in pursuit of true serenity, culture, art, tradition, nature and scenic beauty, Tamil Nadu is a complete tour package, and the most ideal destination to surrender oneself to, this vacation season. Beautifully placed in the south eastern section on the Indian Peninsula, lined by the daunting, yet magnificent Bay of Bengal, Tamil Nadu is the pride of South India and also the most popular tourist spot in India. Greeted by the friendly, warm smiles of its fellow people who welcome anybody stepping on the Tamil Nadu soil with a sense of love and brotherhood, this wonderful state is nothing short of home to anybody seeking the same. A destination might have the scenery, architecture and everything that is required to attract tourists towards it. But, the magic that our Tamil Nadu possesses along with its tourist attractions is the love and a sense of belonging that truly steals the hearts of all.

To describe the unparalleled beauty of Tamil Nadu would be quite a difficult task, for it is not just the abundance that would curtail such an explanation, but the fact that words might be insufficient to actually define in accuracy the brimming beauty of the state. Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu is a spectacle of its own. Have you ever taken a walk in the wet sands of the Marina beach making identical footprints in the sand, the cool air slapping your cheeks softly, listening to kids scream as they go round the carousel, the fresh aroma of molagabajjis luring you, and just peacefully contemplating life? If you haven’t, you should.

The Marina is not just like any other beach in the world. There is something to that breeze, carrying the whispers of the sea and the voices of those who enjoy it; that will transport you to your own world of tranquility. Just go to the Marina, close your eyes and simply lose yourself to nature. Then, you will know what we are talking about. Bordered by the sea, Marina beach is the longest beach in the world. Chennai alone is known for its crystal waters stretching as far the horizon and golden sands that together create pure magic. Chennai also prides itself of being a hub for culture and history. Known as the Madras Presidency during the time of the British Raj, Chennai still hold buildings and pieces of pure artistry build even before the independence. With the Central Railway Station, Rippon Building, the lighthouse, the Egmore Museum, Kapaleeshwar Temple, Velankanni Church, Mahabalipuram architecture, the Elliots Beach, ValluvarKottam landmark, Thalankuppam Pier and the list going on, Chennai is called ‘Namma Chennai’ for an unexplainable reason. Experience it to understand it.

Being a neighbour to the sea, one might think Tamil Nadu is often a victim of the warm currents resulting in a moderate temperature across the state. But, Tamil Nadu holds much pride in its hill stations. Ooty and Kodaikanal, being the most popular, along with other smaller areas such as Yelagiri, Yercaud, and Coonoor among others, Tamil Nadu houses long, expansive wilderness with exotic animals and plants seeking motherhood in this land of grandeur. Although each of these places have their own significance and individual charm, you will find a common feeling of paradise as you traverse through these hill stations, exploring the beguiling wilderness in all of its beauty, covered in swathe blankets of green and slowly dipping temperature causing tufts of chilly air to emerge will you speak.

Tamil Nadu’s majestic mountains will leave your daunted, taking your breath away. Here, treat not just your eyes, but also your craving tongue. In the sprawling plantations of these hill stations feast your salivating mouth with juicy strawberries and blood red cherries while also, basking your senses in the aroma and the flavourful taste of freshly ground tea and coffee. If you are courageous enough, get a glimpse of nature’s enthralling elegance from a height while parasailing. Pack your sweaters, scarves and mufflers and get ready for an adventurous expedition to the hill stations of Tamil Nadu.

Certainly nature has gifted our Tamil Nadu with much splendour. But, Tamil Nadu has also been embellished with architecture to enhance nature’s gift thus making the state nothing short of perfection. One of the oldest destinations in the country, having housed ancient civilizations like the Cholas, Pallavas and the Pandyas, Tamil Nadu today, is ornamented with centuries’ old temples and pieces of architecture with much historical significance. The KancheepuramEkambareshwar Temple, Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple, TanjavurAiravatheshwar Temple, Vellore golden temple, GangaikondaCholapuram, St. Xavier’s Church, St. Therese of Infant Jesus Chuch, and Hazrat Peer Mohammed waliyullahDargah among other are iconic pieces of heritage in Tamil Nadu that speaks for its cultural beauty. Chidambaram, Kumbakonam, Kancheepuram, Erwadi, Rameshwaram, and Pazhani are locations that brim with artistry and cultural magnificence that will never cease to amaze the beholder of such beauty.

The sunrise and the sunset in Tamil Nadu itself must receive significant acknowledgement. Emphasized over and over again, yet inadequate, the majestic lining of the Bay of Bengal, the sunrise and sunset in Tamil Nadu is truly a spectacle that one could die for. Cape Comrin, fondly known as Kanyakumari, is the lowermost point of the country and is popularly known for the picturesque view of the sunrise and the sunset. Akin to a painting, the orange glow of the sun spreading seamlessly as it sets or rises from the horizon will calm your senses and give you a dose of true paradise. The Marina beach, Elliots beach, Mahabalipuram, Rameshwaram among others, will offer you a similarly beautiful view of the sun’s arrival and departure.

Tamil Nadu’s alluring traits can be spoken about over and over again without track of time. But words can only do so much justice to truly describe its enchantment. So, get ready pack your bags, eat a fulfilling plate of idli sambar with one otavadai and traverse through Tamil Nadu, for you will never regret it.


Kerala Tour Packages

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Coconut Palm lined coasts, Beachfront restaurants, rustic and worn-out brown bungalows, high red-bricked walls and a pleasant aroma of the sea….Kerala is bucolic beauty in all forms. With a subtle hint of coconutgently hitting your senses along with an overwhelming feeling of tranquility and serenity; Kerala is the best place to spend your vacation.
Varied ranges of alluring plantations of green, expansive bodies of clear blue water, sparkling rhinestones shimmering on the top and spreading throughout like glass along with exotic wildlife that seek motherhood in this land of mystique, our alluring South is truly blessed by the Gods. Kerala, famous for its extensive vintage houses and brick lined buildings, has always been an eye candy for the people. Besides, it is a soothing vacation for the raging vintage fanatic in you. Come on; pack your bags and treat yourself to the most beguiling parts of Kerala.
As soon as you enter our beautiful state, your heart will be filled with an overwhelming sense of warmth and love, which radiate from the beaming faces of our residents, shop keepers and, of course, chaaichetta. Armed with a generous transparent glass brimming with an elixir of a potion; our beloved Sulaimaani is sold in every part of Kerala. Roughly pushing aside any non Keralite who selfishly takes credit for Sulaimani, people hailing from Kerala are actually the happy bystanders of this wondrous potion. Sulaimani is a warm liquid made of our usual tea, except subtract milk and add a dash of palm jaggery. But here is a secret ingredient for you, add a dollop of dates syrup instead of sugar.
Indulge your senses with scrumptiously finger licking delicacies such as minced chicken with a string whiff of fresh coriander leaves and coconut, sliced fish pieces fried with wine or freshly cut herbs sautéed in mustard, chipotle, red chili and so on. White grain like rice, made soft in the traditional cooker, is served with ounces of coconut “kozhambu”; and if you are lucky, you get to taste their famous “idiyappam and meen”, which is basically bundled up stringy noodles made of rice with salty fish; stir fried or cooked in a pan with various sauces.
There are a million things that you can do in Kerala; so many that it is rather difficult to fit in a single blog. First of all; there is one primary thing about Kerala. And you will understand only if you allow your feet to immerse in the sands of Kerala. We will let you in on this one; once you visit Kerala; your life changes forever. The footprints you leave in Kerala might disappear, but those our friendly residents leave in your heart will remain forever. And so will the memories and moments you create.
Moving on, allow your senses some space because they are going to be hit with an overwhelming sense of inexplicable peace; something that they might not have sensed or felt in any other part of the world. In Kerala; you will find tiny cities sprinkled and spread throughout our beautiful state; like rainbow crunchies on a melting cone of chocolate ice cream. Munnar, Thekkady, Alleppey, Varkala, Wayanad, Trivandrum, Cochin are some of the famous cities in Kerala which people are most likely to visit.
Snugly cradled in the midst of backwaters of sparkling clear water filled with lotuses, or small tea shops lined in the roadside with accommodating and smiling chettas fluent in various languages such as Malayalam and Tamil; Kerala is sure to impress any person be it someone who wants to enjoy pastoral lifestyle or someone who just wants to put their feet up and unwind in the atmosphere of beaches and gorges.
Lush carpets flung with greenery, rocks of mountains covered with tea plantations, and acres of wild forests filled with wild life, valleys, endless trekking and mountains are some of the memories that bounce in mind when you hear about best places to visit in Kerala. With a view that acts as a muse for the poet in you, and the picturesque feeling which inspires painters and photographers with various lakes and verdant tea gardens, Kerala has lot of places that are truly a must visit!
There are some “do not miss!” in Kerala. Such an extent of haunting your dreams, these significant mentions are something that are truly wondrous!
Ensure that you get a glimpse of the city with its masses hustling and bustling around, auto drivers magnanimously welcoming you to a tour around the city.
For example, when in Kerala, get your hands on our delicious home-made chocolates, and make sure that you eat our sumptuously golden yellow banana chips. Kerala, situated in an agrarian nation such as India, is well known for its spices and masala. The absolutely delightful climate and the rich agricultural soil in Kerala makes it hospitable to grow wide varieties of spices that India takes pride in producing. Experience paradise in enchanting Kerala and get a taste of heaven on earth.In this Kerala tour, treat yourself to the most enthralling parts of Kerala and lose yourself to nature, for you will be left asking for more. Besides treating your eyes, it is time to treat your taste buds! Kerala, famously known for delicious food, hosts all varieties which cater to vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. The typical food in Kerala, the classic Pazhampuri or Puttu with kadala curry, are scrumptious with taste and makes one salivate!
Besides all this, Kerala hosts charming waterfalls. Ice cold water, falling from within rocks and carrying along with astonishingly unbelievable herbal properties and leaves, softly fall on your skin thus making you feel alive with an outpour of piercing freshness. This waterfall is said to have various medical properties and it is also said to soothe the rampage that a hectic life creates for you!
So still wondering where to go for this vacation? Probably not. Read more to check the various packages for “Enchanting Kerala, God’s own Country”..


Kashmir Tour Packages

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The northernmost geographically known region of South Asia, Kashmir is an extremely popular tourism location. Kashmir, fondly known as the “Paradise on Earth”, is known for its charismatic beauty. Stunningly enriched by three mountain ranges of the Himalayas, the Karakoram, Zanaskar and Pir Panjal, Kashmir is topped with breathtaking caps of alluring white snow. The sparkly ice-like white snow, beautiful hills coated with an overwhelming white, lush green grasses, polite and well mannered people, make Kashmir look like a picture straight out of a fairytale. Dazzling rivers, tranquil lakes, marvelous gardens, blossoming meadows, etc are some other beautiful features of landscape of the Kashmir Valley. Kashmir is also famously known as the “Switzerland of east”. This “Paradise on Earth”, is known for its captivating beauty . It is enriched by three mountains ranges of the Himalayas – Karakoram, Zanaskar and Pir Panjal, running from northwest to northeast. Painting the picturesque backdrop of Kashmir,these snow caped ranges make Kashmir look like a picture straight out of a fairytale. Prepare yourself to be mesmerized by the beauty of Kashmir, in all its glory and goodness!
The dreamy and idealistic Shikara rides, under clear blue skies studded with sparkling diamond like stars, adventurous and exciting paragliding rides, and lavish house-boats, all snugly nestled in the awe-inspiringmagnificence of heavy mountains, thickly coated with a blanket of lush greenery; well, that’s Srinagar. We know it seems as though we are overhyping this but what can be more beautiful and romantic than wooden boat, sailing on a blue carpet of the dark blue Dal Lake.Enjoy a visit to the beautiful and ancient Mughal Gardens, which were custom-built by Emperor Jehangir. Mughal Gardens, located in the east of Dal Lake, are a beautiful set of gardens designed in a very Persian architectural style.The Dal Lake is surrounded by a variety of deciduous trees that undertake a vibrant, colourful show in their fall season.
Still unscathed by population, this sleepy city with its scenic valleys, beautiful green meadows, enchanting pine forests, mists, fogs, waterfalls with the overall greenery is really remarkably mesmerizing. The landscape in Srinagar is frequently hilly with green meadows.
Gulmarg, which is 56 km from Srinagar, will take upto 2 hours of drive. Gulmarg is located at a 2730 meters altitude. As you reach Gulmarg, get all set to explore the place and its alluring attractions. The hill town boasts of housing Asia’s highest and longest cable car project, the Gulmarg Gondola, the most popular thing to do here.
The beautiful and scenic expedition to Pahalgam takes up to 5 hours, and covers around 140 km. Pahalgam, extremely famous for its wide range of vegetation, is known as the “valley of shepherds”. The beautiful scenic view of the water flowing through the small town is a site to cherish. After the mini-excursion, you will return back to the hotel in evening and relax after dinner. The route has a halt at Avantipura Ruins and Anantnag Sulphur Springs. There are even songs written by bands and musicians on Pahalgham, such is its beauty. Betaab valley is a must visit site in Pahalgham. The beautiful scenic view of the water flowing through the small town is a site to cherish.
Sonamarg is a small town 80 kms away from Srinagar. You will visit the Thajiwas Glacier, Baltal and the Gangabal Lake along with the Zojila Pass and Nichinai Pass, which are the most beautiful places in Sonmarg . The place means the meadow of gold, which holds true for the place in its existence. Located at a height of 3801 meters above sea level, Krishnasar Lake is one of the most mesmerizing lakes in Sonamarg.
A nice cold holiday, to take off all the heat and tension that the city life brings to us, Kashmir is absolutely perfect in the sense that it should be considered more of a white blanket of a retreat in a desert! Such a vacation is more than enough to create beautiful memories but what actually makes people cherish such a holiday trip ever more is how the natives behave and their attitude towards travelers and tourists. Contrary to popular belief, Kashmir is not always war torn, and the Kashmiris are people filled with warmth and love. Besides this, Kasmir’s enthralling display of art and craft is another huge plus which makes you cherish the memories made all the more! The Kashmiris are extremely peaceful, by nature, and also, they are homely and hospitable. A significant mention that has to be made here is that, while visiting shops; you will find that most of the art and craft work, such as spinning shawls, decors and so on; are actually done by the natives. These are the Kashmiris, who do not think of this as a job, but as a hobby. Intriguing, isn’t it? Instead of building large-scale industries that mechanically produce souvenirs for its tourists, people made handicrafts at home and sold them as business. Because of this, there are absolutely no replicas and each and everything you find in handicrazft stores of Kashmir, are entirely unique! Time to splurge! Kashmir is a wonderful idea for a visit, especially for those wishing to experience teeth chattering temperatures and snow for the first time.
These places are not only pleasing to the eye but also extremely soothing to the mind. The beauty of the valleys in Kashmir cannot be put into words, hence they must be experienced. The mountain tips covered with snow is a definite sight to watch and be awestruck over!
Allow yourself to hold a steaming cup of delicious Kahwah Tea while your eyes happily gaze over misty landscapes of white blankets. Breathe the soggy mist of the fresh Kashmir air early in the morning, while gaily eating scrumptiously mouth smacking warm Kashmiri pulao and Rista. Feel your heart harmonize with the gushing of clear waters from the glaciers above. After tedious but adventurous and fun trekking, watch the sun-kissed, snow-capped mountains look at you with pride and glory!

Karnataka Tour Packages

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Karnataka abounds in art. You will be awestruck by the magic that is created by nature in the state. True that Karnataka is known for IT park and other modern developments, but a lesser known fact is that it is also a mother of many historical sites and revolutionary activities. Karnataka, which was ranked the 3rd most popular state in the country, is home to 305 monuments. For the convenience of the tourism, the state is divided into North Karnataka, the Coastal areas, the hills and South Karnataka.
If you are a lover of art and history, then North Karnataka is the place for you to be at. You can start off with one of the world heritage centres at Bellari District, Hampi. Hampi is the capital of the Vijayanagara Empire which was founded in 1336. Hampi has this innate ability to take you inside the pages of history books. Stories of wealthy rajas and maharajas, a prosperous kingdom, majestic elephants, imposing architecture. But now all that remains is ruins of a once glorious kingdom. As you take a tour of Hampi, the structures magically comes alive to tell you tales long forgotten. Such is the beauty of these ruins that you can’t help but wonder what they would have looked like some centuries ago. They enchant. The antiquity of the place will leave you with such mesmerizing memories. Other historical places in the North of Karnataka that are a must visit are Pattadakal, Aihole, Badami, Basavana Begawadi, Annigeri and Haveri. In the Bidar district, Basavakalyan consists of an archaeological museum that is a must visit. There are various temples in the North of Karnataka that are a must visit like Someshwara Temple, Galaganatha Galageshwara temple and Mukteshwara temple.
Coffee lovers would pledge their unconditional love for the world’s favourite beverage – coffee in this spectacular state. Little coffee shops springing in every nook of every city gives you a taste for it, but you have not tasted coffee if you haven’t had one brewed from Chikmagalur. Once you are done sipping and soaking the rich culture of the region, make time for trekking and golfing too. Chikmagalur has played host to an event to which, countless Indians wake up to brighter mornings.Chikmagalur, whose hills nurtured the coffee culture at its bosom, is a green slice of heaven on a permanent coffee high. Rambling hills, pristine pools, fascinating nooks and crannies with a shrine, intriguing caves, lush mists and dreamy woods make the geography of Chikmagalur. Just like the 10 km trek to the gorgeous Habe Falls is – it’s almost impossible by vehicle and is inaccessible in the monsoons.
Atop the Vindhyagiri hill stands Asia’s tallest monolithic statue, and yet, you need to toil up 600-odd steps for a glimpse of it. Shravanabelagola as a Jain bastion is home to many basadis and is a vital stop to the pilgrim. The 52-foot statue of Bahubali from its high perch has a gaze that takes in the lay of a rather scenic land – a treat you can partake, provided you make the arduous climb up.
Karnataka’s Golden Triangle is a pilgrimage of every sort. Prayer might be the last thing on your mind as you marvel at the intricacy of the carvings at the Chennakesava Temple or while you absentmindedly accept the prasad at the Hoysalaeshwara Temple, and it would take a really devout pilgrim to focus on God while panting and wheezing up the 600-odd step climb to Shravanabelagola – but nevertheless, you are following the path a pilgrim set towards God. If not anything else, it awakens you to the God in you and opens your mind to the extent of human creation. While one side of this journey is about the fall of a kingdom, the other is about a prince renouncing his kingdom for a different kind.
Bear witness to nature’s headlong tumble as the Sharavati River makes a spectacular drop of 253m in four distinct cascades – known locally as Raja, Rani, Rover and Rocket – to create the highest falls in Asia. The falls are at their best during the monsoon, with arching rainbows colouring the mist.
Mysore is yet to, and perhaps will never, get over its past. A past that’s made of kings, queens, conquests, rich patrons, extravagant durbars and pearled hallways must be hard to get over. All roads in Mysore lead to the Mysore Palace, and rightfully so. An ode to magnificence, the Mysore Palace is a marvel of ornate ceilings, jewelled corridors, open mandaps, stained glass windows, vivid paintings and Wadiyar memorabilia – including the jewelled throne. As the main host of the famous Mysore Dasara, the Palace still has the airs of the headquarters of a sovereign. Mysore’s other palaces include the Jaganmohana Palace, Rajendra Vilas, Lalitha Mahal (which is now the Lalith Mahal Palace Hotel) and the Jayalakshmi Vilas.
They make it all big and grand at Mysore or so it appears. St. Philomena’s Church is awe-inspiring with its Neo-gothic style, built along the lines of the Cologne Cathedral in Germany. The 12th century Chamundeshwari Temple built in the style of the Hoysalas is no less impressive.
A hedonist’s paradise by all means, Coorg is a dream you’ll never forget. Hills, old-world charm, coffee, amazing food, vivid cultures and warm hospitality – there’s something in the air of Coorg that makes all things beautiful. The people are tall and fair. Its hills, scenic and unforgettable. Its food, wholesome and tantalising. Its pools, pristine and clear. Its cultures, vibrant and exclusive. Madikeri is a cornucopia of the times passed. The green, hilly capital of the Kodagu region has remnants of its past like the Madikeri Fort, the Raja’s seat – where you can catch a sunset just like the rajas once did – acres of coffee estates and the Raja’s tomb where the Kodagu king Veerarajendra and his family sleep their eternal sleep. About 9km away from Madikeri’s giddy heights are the Abbey Falls, which falls daintily in steps, looking like a pretty curtain of the finest lace. The Talacauvery where the Cauvery originates is the hotbed of a phenomenon every year – on the 17th of October, at a predetermined moment, the water gushes up at the fountainhead from a spring.
And thus is Karnataka, beauty of its own. Often one of the most unraveled tourism spots, Karnataka has something to offer to everyone.

Agra Tour Packages

Golden Triangle – Delhi, Agra and Jaipur Tour Packages

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India’s golden triangle is a tourist circuit which connects the national capital Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.India, the golden bird of prehistoric times, is one of the most hunted destination in the world offering mind-boggling and inconceivable holiday experience. This incredibly exquisite country encompasses several spectacular destinations that are capable of making your holidays mesmerizing to the hilt. But if you want to sneak peek of the wonderful picture that our medieval India paints, then Golden Triangle tour is undoubtedly your best bet.This holiday season, unwind yourself and go on a trip that gives you a dose of culture, tradition, and serenity. Treat your senses to the breathtaking Golden Triangle, as Delhi, Agra and Jaipur are so fondly attributed, rich in its culture, heritage and history. Walk through the lives of our Mughal Emperors visiting their royal abodes, sanctums and tombs. With stunning beaches, a rich culture, ancient heritage buildings and majestic temples, these cities are enthralling to visit.
The saying ‘Heaven on Earth’ sounds a bit of a cliché, or if not a cliché, then definitely exaggerated. The silly romanticism of a habitable part of our planet being suggestive of the perfectness that mankind often dreams about, which is collectively called heaven, is sometimes functional when it comes to specific stunning places in this world.
The Golden triangle is such. It holds all ingredients needed for the perfect vacation because it comprises of different forms of art- both vintage and modern, Indian, Mughal and modern architecture, blissful beaches which are claimants of being serene and tranquil, and scrumptious lips smacking food!
Delhi, Agra and Jaipur are historical cities with rich heritage and have a number of very popular tourist spots. The golden triangle tour tightly holds the crux of the cities, without holding back the true spirit and essence of each of the cities. Our itinerary, possessing not just the visits to monuments and temples, also keeps in account of the vintage part of the cities, as well as indulging in the quintessence feel of the cities. Our trip will be like eating a mixed golgappade, everything is a highlight.
Days filled with bliss and happiness, with softly lashing trees in the background and cold blue water rippling in the front, and speckles of golden sand prickling our feet; or the soothing welcome of the Capital’s warm air hitting across our faces; instantly putting you to ease..ah, this package is wondrous!When we talk about exploring different parts of India, North India is one part which always mastered of bringing in the new and trendy without pushing aside the old school beauty. This is why the North has garnered a lot of visitors all-round the globe. You can always find that rush in the major cities such as Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur.
A worthy point to note is that currently, India is in the midst ofa constantly, ever-increasing number of travelers who come to understand the Indian culture. And how better to indulge a wandering soul with culture and tradition than visiting the Golden triangle which is the unique blend of tradition, culture and essence of travel which is so effortlessly brewed. Also, these cities are another way of quick traveling to beautiful places, as there are millions of short cuts along the way, and not to mention a few hidden cities where you can always be assured of finding a soothing sense of tranquility and serenity.
These unknown and abandoned beauties such as FatehpurSikri and the quiet and steady Ranthambore, are the unraveled treasures of these trips! There are a very few places that enchant you, and leave you completely spell bound. FatehpurSikri is one such place, which is awe-inspiring and enthralls a person by feeling completely immersed in the place’s atmosphere, beauty, and spirit. FatehpurSikri is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a popular tourist destination in India.
The route between Delhi, Agra and Jaipur has, for many years, been a veritable ‘India 101’ – an introduction to those on tighter travel schedules.
Delhi is infatuated with strong history, culture, tradition, this deep brewed sense of politics and pride amongst the people , as well as artistically rustic farmhouses set among breathtaking monuments and famous buildings. Dilli is known for its delicious food. So when you are in Delhi, push aside all your diet plans and gorge on sinfully amazing food. Being the food hub of North India, the bhelpuri that is available in the tiny kiosks in every nook and corner of Delhi are to die for. Also, eye-wateringly piquant and zesty dahibhalla (which is basically a spiced yogurt snack) from the best street food corners in the city that are usually slightly smaller than a kiosk are a must try.
Agra, with so many of the world’s most beautiful museums and monuments, prides on the state of their being. The beauties of Agra remain unscathed by the repulsions and repercussions of rapid development and mass tourism. A wild landscape of well maintained and lush trees, breathtakingly verdant stone carvings, the translucent sea, awaitsin almost every corner of our Agra. It is a commonly known fact that TajMahal, one of the wonder’s in the world, is the most famous and popular place to visit in Agra. But did you know that the tangy masala nuts, sinfully buttered parathas, and delicious moon like yellow pedas that they sell outside are a must eat?
Strewn with delicacies, and floating tongues of ancient languages from people of different cultures; Jaipur is a must visit city in India. Be it crazy elephant rides along with the oncoming traffic, or sucking on to multi coloured rainbow golas, or finding the colour pink beautifully painted across the city; this place is sure rather queen- but wondrously so!
The old paint chipping from slightly broken walls, decorated with faded ornaments, and waiters wearing turbans, swiftly moving from customer to customer over the smell of freshly brewed tea takesus back to the olden days when life was simple yet fascinating. It is almost impossible to find such a serene time nowadays. But this package ensures that you get the best of the golden times!